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Papier découpé à la taille

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    Color Europe paper cut to size
    Varenr.: 95842
    Uniquely, we can now offer you much of our own high-quality Color Europe paper cut to size. This means that if you have a high consumption of paper in your printer production, you will be able to cut your costs a lot as you can avoid large amounts of waste, while at the same time you can streamline the work process as you can minimize the cutting work. This solution also allows you to be greener in your production as you choose paper based on where you can leave the least amount of waste, which you do with rolls cut to size.

    We know that several of our customers usually set their printer to print overnight, we have thus made sure to maximise the length of the roll so you can get the most out of the printer and time overnight and during the day. Of course, this also means that you will have less paper changes during production.
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