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NCS -Système de couleurs

NCS-Système originaire de Suède et principalement utilisé dans la peinture.
Allez donc dans votre magasin de peinture local et tous leurs nuanciers sont construits directement ou indirectement selon le NCS-système.
NCS est basé sur la théorie des couleurs et tous les codes du système sont des coordonnées pour l'emplacement de la couleur dans l'espace chromatique. L'éventail
NCS contient 1 950 couleurs bien définies, chacune d'entre elles étant affichée sur 2x5 cm dans l'éventail.
Le produit le plus vendu est clairement NCS Index 1950 Original.
    NCS Album 2050
    Varenr.: 98214
    Arguably the most universal tool in the NCS Design Tools family. Perfect for design studios, architectural firms, marketing bureaus and other teams working continuously with colour design.
    • The most comprehensive product out of the NCS Design Tools.
    • The colours are represented by unmounted single A9 colour samples, allowing the user to work and interact efficiently with the NCS Album 2050.
    • Perfect product for making interactive colour combinations or to visually inspect and define each individual colour, no matter what material or surface.
    • 2.209,00  EUR 
    NCS Atlas 2050
    Varenr.: 98213
    The multifunctional tool for point-of-sales, colour training, customer guidance or as an office tool. The ultimate tool for colour navigation and a must-have for colour professionals.
    • Offers a complete representation of the NCS Colour Space.
    • The National Standard in Sweden SS 19102:2022 and Norway NS-SS 1910.
    • International ASTM Standard (E2970) on the Practice for Specifying Colour. Referred to as the National Standard of Spain and South Africa.
    • 471,00  EUR 
    Livraison 5 Jours
    NCS Block
    Varenr.: 92905
    The NCS Block arranges all 1950 NCS Original colours into 'colour areas' which make the accurate selection and specification of colour as easy as it possibly can be.

    The NCS Blocks fit comfortably into the hand and ‘fan out’ allowing you to choose specific colours which can then be isolated for edge-to-edge comparisons.
    • 876,00  EUR 
    NCS Colourpin PRO
    Varenr.: 98211
    Define any colour, anywhere. Discover our new and most advanced colour reader.
    Finding the right colour has never been easier. Connected via Bluetooth to our NCS+ app it allows you to easily scan, identify, store and share colours on the go.
    • 182,00  EUR 
    NCS Exterior Guide
    Varenr.: 98208
    Our perception of colours in outdoor environments differs from how we see colours inside. This collection of colour samples has been compiled taking into account such factors as light, environment, colour fastness and traditions in present and traditional colour design. This facilitates selection of exterior colours. The colour samples’ finish ranges from matt to semi-matt.
    • 274,00  EUR 
    NCS Gloss Scale
    Varenr.: 98210
    Pocket-size gloss scale to easily specify surface gloss for objects and environments. Different greyscale colours in combination with different gloss levels are used to identify how light and gloss affect colours.
    • 122,00  EUR 
    NCS Index 2050
    Varenr.: 98212
    The most popular NCS Colour product used by colour professionals and enthusiasts globally. NCS Index 2050 is a fan deck that includes all 2050 NCS Standard colours. A highly optimised colour sorting based both on user preferences and the NCS Colour Circle, which makes it easy and quick to find the right colour.
    • 182,00  EUR 
    NCS Inspire 1058 Guide
    Varenr.: 98209
    The number one fan deck for interior decoration.
    Seven chapters featuring the most popular colours in interior design. Colours arranged in themes frequently used by designers & architects worldwide.
    • 100,00  EUR 
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